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The Puppetmaster

Anise Tatlin
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The Fon Master Guardian ♥

Name: Anise Tatlin
Age: 13-14
Height: 152 cm, 60 in
Weight: 42 kg, 93 lbs
Class: Puppet Master

Anise is the guardian of the Order of Lorelei's highest official, the Fon Master. She is a bright and cheerful little girl, but can sometimes show a darker, almost scary side when provoked, and often hides her emotions when she is suffering. She seeks to marry into money, and it seems that she has been conspiring to become Luke's wife ever since meeting him. As a doll master, she can make her stuffed toy, Tokunaga, gigantic and ride on it in battle as it attacks enemies. She controls the doll by use of various equitable magic rods, with which she can also cast spells.

Info from Wikipedia... because I'm lazy.

[[Anise Tatlin is played by sin_alchemy for vortexxworld, and she's owned by Namco... not me.]]