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Hmph! I don’t know why the Commandant’s on the nice list. He’s been one of the worst people here!

Well, at least he got some people right. Like Ion! Of course he’s on the nice list. Why wouldn’t he be? And I have to disagree with what list I’m one. Sweet, nice little me, on the naughty list~? That’s totally wrong!

Oh, Ion… I’ve got a present for you.



Citizens of Vortexx!

Please watch out for this guy. His name is Van Grants, and he's dangerous! He's been kidnapping, forcing people to eat those black candies, plotting and most likely been doing other things.

If you see him anywhere, notify me immediately so I can go kick his ass!

Thank you~ ♥

~Anise Tatlin, Fon Master Guardian.

[[Strikes unhackable, and intentionally left public~ oh lulz, Anise~]]

Dec. 17th, 2007

...Ion? Where are you? Don't tell me he got snowed out...

[filtered from the Commandant]
Hey, Guy. If you haven't figured it out already, the Commandant's here.

Be careful. He's been plotting, I think.


The Commandant's gone too far.

I'm going to go find him and kick his ass. Who wants to help?

Hm~? This is weird! Colonel? Guy? My darling Luke~? Don't tell me I'm the only one here! Poor little me, all alone in an unfamiliar place...

Can anyone tell me where I am~? ♥

[[Like with Envy and Rukia, Anise has had her memories temporarily wiped. She'll have them back in two to five weeks~]]

Sep. 28th, 2007

Ion, he's-!

I couldn't-

Ion~! Would you like to go the ball with me? ♥

It looks like the Commandant's here, too~♪

Screened to Ion. UNHACKABLE.Collapse )


[[...Yeah. Following the events of THIS log.]]